Ecologica Syrah/Malbec Blend (Red)

I recently happened upon the Ecologica brand at a local Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Wine & Spirits shop and was immediately drawn in and intrigued by an organic, fairly traded wine that promised to combine quality, affordability with a social conscience and healthy living. And the red blend (Syrah and Malbec) along with the attractive price point of less then $10 proved to be too good to pass up! I could not wait to imbibe. Not just for my own personal consumption benefit, mind you dear readers, but for you for YOU.

I opened the twist-top bottle and admired the inky albeit relatively thin character of the wine considering it includes a healthy percentage of Syrah. And the “nose” enticed me with notes of dark berries and a hint of something like spice. But the wine proved a bit tannic and unbalanced. Thin and a bit muted but the flavor is promising and it did improve in the glass after breathing for awhile (or is that after the second glass when it doesn’t really matter LOL).

However, I think it is definitely a good buy for the price and in support of a truly worthy effort to provide ‘green’ wines. redwineglassredwineglassRATING: 2 glasses + an A for “green” effort. So … I give it 2 out of 5 glasses and an A for effort. And I also look forward to trying their white blend of Torrontes and Chardonnay. Yum! And if you’ve tried this or any other organic and/or fairly traded wine, please comment with the information and I will search it out and taste! Read more about Ecologica

2007 Elm Tree Malbec

I purchased this wine because it was featured at the local Pennsylvania Wine & Spirits store (the only place where Pennsylvanians can purchase wine, thanks to the PLCB) and it fit my current recession-busting tasting requirement of a “good wine at an affordable price,” as I put together a “Great Buys Under $10″ list for the holidays.

I was initially a little disappointed by this wine. The nose contained the classic notes of plum, dark berries, and perhaps a little chocolate so I eagerly anticipated tasting the wine. I also expected (and the back label promised) some spice. However, the acidity was very distracting. That being said, with a swirl and some time to calm down in the glass, it’s actually a tasty, basic, medium-bodied red that might even be nice to serve with the Thanksgiving fare. And at $6.99 the price is definitely right!

So I give this 2 JOTT glasses, with a + for improvement in the glass. The plum and berry notes are solid enough for an “everyday” wine.

2007 Layer Cake Malbec

Greetings Family!

I am very excited about the wine I am drinking tonight! I had not intended to blog a tasting note this evening. I mean, after all, I am glued to the TV and completely opposed to anything that would distract me from this Sunday night battle between my Eagles and the stinking Cowboys.

But this grown up tailgate consisting of spicy tilapia tacos with black bean and roasted corn salsa paired with the perfect Malbec — introduced by my dear friendand partner in Wine Crimes the “Wine Newbie” — drove me to fire up the laptop and let my fingers do the talking between delectable sips.

2007 Layer Cake Malbec 4 JOTT Glasses!

The fruit for this supple, intense wine that explodes with notes of blackberry, cinnamon, a little chocolate, spice and everything nice comes from a vineyard that is perfectly placed near the Mendoza River in Argentina. I was pleasantly surprised when the Newbie bragged about her latest purchase. I was doubtful because … well, she’s the Newbie reviewer here at so Dandelion Wine suits her just fine.

But I was more than pleasantly surprised. And you will be too. Especially if you find this wine on sale at your local wine and spirits shop. It seems to retail for about $19.99 but we found it for $9.99 because it was a “Chairman’s Selection” at the PA Wine & Spirits stores.

Have you tried the Layer Cake Malbec? If so, let me know!

I’m off to pump this one and enjoy it again tomorrow.

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