Tasting Notes

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So the good (make that GREAT) news is, My Wines Direct™ now ships to PA, GA, ME, TX, VT & WA! But the catch is, it’s a limited selection, mostly in “select assortments”. But so far I am really enjoying my selections!!!

I opted to give it a go via an EverSave “group” purchase promotion because the price was right: $25 for $60 discount plus free shipping. The assortment packs were basically 3 or 6 bottles of either all whites, all reds or a mix. I selected the whites. But in the spirit of full disclosure I’m really a red wine lover. Rhone varietals, to be exact. But my friends were in and I am also preparing to lead an “alternative white” wine tasting in May. So I decided to bone up on my white wine tasting pallete. And I must say, so far I am a real FAN of the selections in the “Snowflake Six” pack. Most if not all of these selections are available in the March Madness packs and to be purchased in your own mix-and-match order.

Tonight, I am drinking the Dancing River 2009 Pinot Grigio. I wasn’t completely sold initially. Nice notes of pear, honey and bright citrus but a tad sweet for me. If you like Riesling and other slightly sweeter whites, you’d probably love this as an everyday wine. But when I drink white, I tend toward drier whites.

However once I paired it with grilled lamb, steamed green beans and sweet corn, the wine came alive. It paired extremely well and made a nice dinner a fab one! I think the flirty sweetness of the wine complimented the sweetness of the lamb and corn in particular. Proving again that wine, even a middle of the road wine, can be the joy of the table!

Check it out for yourself as well as the other offerings from My Wines Direct. I’m a fan! And looking forward to my next purchase.

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