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Vino Aha! — It’s all in the (right) glass: Wine glass 101

20 Jul

“Ever been handed a fine wine in a chunky water tumbler, a tiny glass or a plastic cup? You may have noticed that you’re just not picking up any nuances; it’s not you or the wine, it’s the vessel. Not everything that holds liquid is well-suited for wine.”


  • Size and shape DO matter
  • Everyday glasses vs. one for each varietal
  • Fill up your gas tank NOT your wine glass

Read the full article at winespectator.com

Vino Aha! — Top 20 Spanish Reds for Your Wine Bucket List from intowine.com

19 Jul

“If you had to pick only 20 Spanish reds (how hard is that!?) these wines would make the cut. Remember that many of these great producers make wines and wines at varying levels (Crianza, Reserva, Gran Reserva), so if you can’t find the benchmark wine listed here, you can try something else from the same producer.”

Read the complete article at intowine.com.

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