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10-31-09 Did you know? … all about MOG.

31 Oct

MOG stands for “material other than grapes”?

The term is used to describe the matter that winds up mixed in with the grapes during harvesting and must be removed before the fermenting process. Sorry to report this “matter” includes not only twigs, leaves and stems from the vines but also anything else on or near the grapes, including bugs, birds, snakes and mice!

If hand sorted, wine makers can remove up to 99% of the MOG. But with machine harvesting (which is cheaper than using human harvesters) — well, let’s just say it’s fast and less expensive but far from perfect in removing MOG before it, along with the fruit, makes it to the barrel for fermentation. So it seems the old adages remains true — you sometimes get what you pay for … and less ain’t always more!

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