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Tonya M. Evans

Tonya M. Evans

JoyoftheTable.com® is a wine appreciation and education Web site conceived to share a love (or dare I say obsession) of wine, as I take my appreciation to the next level.

This site is for those who, like I do, enjoy wine and have a passion to learn more about all aspects of wine. I have been appreciating wine more seriously since 2001 when I made the transition from White Zinfandel to the “real deal” Zin and learned it’s actually a RED GRAPE. There is much to learn and to explore in the world of wine and I am excited about this venture, which is a decidedly learn-as-you-go endeavor.

As I experience both old and new world wines and learn about everything from growing, to harvest, to wine making, to great buys, and the great wines of the world, you’ll learn too! Plus, I will share my travels and recommend lodging and restaurants, as well as great wine adventures both in the United States (including our home state of Pennsylvania — a region to watch, as stated in the Wine Bible) and abroad.

I will also share great resources that I’ve come across to assist you in your quest to enjoy the vino and become more savvy (not to be confused with snooty!). I have great links and host my own tasting blog. And to make sure JoyoftheTable.com® is the ultimate in user-friendly, I will feature the NEWBIE section, a friendly avatar that gives the real scoop in plain English! Consider her your wine thesaurus.

Each month I feature outstanding industry pros (winemakers, chefs, B&Bs) who are rising stars in the winemaking world. And I will constantly update the ever-changing glossary of wine terms. So visit the site early and often because I plan to keep the content fresh, relevant and user-friendly to provide consumers with some of the best wine education and appreciation resources available on the web!

Contact me to add a wine tasting or lively and engaging presentation for your next event or party at info [at] joyofthetable.com.

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