Tasting Notes: Lake Anna Barrel Select Chardonnay (VA)

23 Feb
Lake Anna Winery at VA Wine Showcase 2012

Credit: Tonya Evans (Eric, Amy & another member of the LA family)

There’s something delightfully irreverent about the nose on this Barrel Select 2010 Chardonnay.

For those who prefer naked Chardonnay (aka steel barrel aged rather than oak aged) this may not be for you. But for me? This is a little bundle of wonderful. Smoky, nutty, vanilla characteristics in the nose that also show up on the first approach to the palette and definitely linger on the finish. I also detect some apricot and ripe peach.

This wine is medium-bodied, with a beautiful golden straw color. But with fat legs it is clear there’s a lot of alcohol present underneath this tasty gem. But it’s young yet. I imagine it will be even better in 1-2 years. And it’s definitely drinkable now.

I first tasted the Lake Anna Chard during the 2012 VA Wine Showcase in Arlington, VA (NOTE: my tasting sheet says 2008 but when I purchased the wine I received a 2010 so not sure what I actually tasted!). Nonetheless, the masses in attendance agreed with me, this Chard is in it to win it! In fact, it won best Chardonnay on Day One of the Showcase.

My only regret? Not getting at least three bottles. But I plan to visit in the spring so fool me once … the point is to be sure to get at least three bottles of wine when you like it!! Taste one immediately, one in a about a year and allow the third to test the outer parameters of the wine.

Many thanks to Amy and especially the wild and wonderful Eric who walked me through the tasting and provided lots of information and laughs along the way! This is definitely three-bottle worthy.

Click here to visit Lake Anna Winery online

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