Wegman’s Just Says NO to PA Wine Kiosks

4 Jun

[Source: Philly.com]

Dear JOTT Nation,

Credit: Timesleader.com

We knew it was too good to be true!!! 😦 The state’s Wine Kiosk program continues to limp along due to malfunctions and consumer dissatisfaction. I actually had great success with the Kiosk in the Linglestown Giant before it was discontinued but apparently I was the exception and not the unfortunate rule.

Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau reports: “Wegmans Food Markets is pulling out of the state’s much-criticized wine-kiosk program, dealing a blow to the state Liquor Control Board’s efforts to shed its image as a lumbering government bureaucracy and stave off privatization.”

In the letter sent May 31 to the PLCB, Wegman’s officials said, “We saw the kiosks as an innovative new way to offer an additional service to our customers … unfortunately the kiosks have not realized their potential and in some ways have been a detriment to our stores.”

Not exactly a glowing endorsement. Sigh …

Well, there’s always www.MyWinesDirect.com delivery to PA!

Click here to read the full article about Wegman’s discontinuation of its participation in PA’s wine-kiosk program.

2 Responses to “Wegman’s Just Says NO to PA Wine Kiosks”

  1. Leo J. Sperrazza October 9, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    While the Kiosk’s seemed like a good idea, they just didn’t or can’t replace the convenience of appeal of a true “wine shop” As residence of the state of PA we are restricted as to what we can purchase, by the PLCB, it seems very unfair and downright restrictive if not an outright violation of our right to make our own decision as to which wines we choose to enjoy. With any luck, our new governor will privatize the sale of alcohol in PA and give way to entrepreneurs to retail wine & spirits based on consumer demand rather than government control.
    In any event, we can still enjoy what’s available, or go one better and ferment our own, while PA restricts the sale of wines, it has no restrictions on purchasing fruit (grape) from Napa or any other AVA that you may choose, as a home winemaker, I have crafted wines with grape from Central Valley CA, Washington State, Chile, and Italy. Yes, its more work than buying a bottle, buy it really is amazing to observe and taste the transformation from fresh grape to wine.

    • TME October 9, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

      Agreed. Cheers and happy winemaking!!

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