Happy National Wine Day!!!!

25 May

… and let the corks land where they may!

Tonya Evans tasting wine at Vala Vineyards

Great wine times at Vala Vineyards!

A dear friend told me today is National Wine Day. I had no intention of verifying this information because I did not want to be disappointed, especially because I toasted to this blessed day the moment I read her tweet. 🙂 But, because I do not want to lead my JOTT Nation astray, I did the requisite research (aka I Googled it) and voila!

While National Drink Wine Day appears to have been on February 18, 2011 today, May 25, 2011, is actually National WINE Day. Aha! See the difference? No?? {{shrug}}

Thankfully, I’m QUITE sure I imbibed on February 18th in case this is an Internet hoax of some sort. But if you’re so inclined to keep the party going on this, the National WINE Day, my Twitter pal and I will raise a glass with you today, the most official of National Drink Wine Days {allegedly}.

Check out PunchBowl.com’s coverage of National Wine Day


Tonya, Your fearless JOTT Nation Leader

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