Tasting Alert … what I’m tasting this week!

8 Dec

Hello JOTT Nation,

Sorry for the JOTT silence over the past couple of weeks. It was the end of the semester when I truly devote all of my time and attention to my fabulous students. And it is that very end-of-semester push that makes me love my wine passion even more, I tell you! 🙂

Anywoo … I have four new bottles lined up to taste over the next week or so and I will be posting Tasting Notes for the following wines:

  • ’05 Bridgman Cab
  • ’08 Carma Carménère
  • ’09 Carma Special Selection Sauvignon Blanc
  • ’06 Bridgman Chardonnay

All of this tasting and blogging will (hopefully) take place before I am forced to put my glass down and pick up my red pen to grade so stay tuned!




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